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AFA Nov 17, 2018 Town Hall Meeting Presentation


What is the Board?

Al Fatih Academy is a registered 501(3)c non­profit institution and as such is not owned by any one individual or groups of individuals. The administration is primarily responsible for the day­to­day operations of the school. The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for policymaking, long­term strategic planning and assuring the financial viability of the school. The Board is composed of parents, community members as well as the Co­Founders. Except in the Co­Founders current role as Administrators, Board members are volunteers who give their time, ideas and efforts to the school. 

AFA Administrative Structure

AFA will be continuing the administration structure that was introduced last year after consultation with school governance experts. 

Heads of School:  The Heads of School carry the key responsibilities to lead the school effectively including policy and curriculum development, fundraising and budgeting, admissions, principal oversight, strategic planning, and establishing and maintaining the culture of the school. The Heads of School work closely with the school board.  Our current Heads of School, Afeefa Syeed and Pervin Divleli, are also our Co-Founders and their presence allows us to return to the roots upon which the school was founded.

Lower School Principal:  The Board is very pleased to welcome Farah Imam in her first year as our Lower School Principal.  She has worked in Loudoun County Public Schools as a Middle School teacher for a number of years before earning an Educational Administration and Leadership Certificate from George Mason University. She has accumulated over 500 hours of experience as an acting Dean at a Loudoun County School.  Her primary responsibility is to oversee Pre-School to 5th grade including classroom oversight, teacher professional development, curriculum and instruction, student achievement, discipline, and parent support at the respective grade levels. Sr Imam reports to the Heads of School.

Call for Nominations to the Board

Alhamdullilah, the school continues to develop, expand and progress towards reaching its full potential.  Serving on the Board is a great way to become intimately involved with, and responsible for, the operation and development of the school.

Expectations for Board members include the following:  The person must be a practicing Muslim; have demonstrated interest in the vision, mission, and approach of Al Fatih Academy, have strong interpersonal skills; skills for organizational or strategic planning or management; and a willingness to spend 5 to 10 hours per week from time-to-time to attend board meetings or work on board tasks.

If you know of someone that you believe would be a strong candidate for membership on the Board, please send a nomination to the Board at  Upon receiving nominations, the current Board will request statements of interest from candidates that appear to meet basic criteria for board membership.  The Board will make its selection after reviewing such statements and interviewing candidates in person, as necessary. 

Please feel free to contact the Board if you have any questions.