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Core Values

Intention and Purpose (niyyah)

  • Be mindful of actions
  • Recognize purpose in learning and knowledge

Good Character (khuluq)

  • Practice good conduct including honesty, humility, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, fairness, compassion and empathy.
  • Remind one another of these through lessons, interactions, activities and personal relationships

Community (ukhuwa)

  • Foster and create relationships within our family, neighborhood and world
  • Learn and teach about others to better ourselves

Serenity and Peace (sakeenah & salam)

  • Create spaces for reflection in our daily lives
  • Find ways to be peaceful and make peace within ourselves and others

Knowledge and Action (‘ilm & ‘amal)

  • Nurture a love of learning and wonder about the surrounding world
  • Appreciate and acknowledge a diversity of ways of knowing and learning
  • Use knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and to serve others

Stewardship (khalifa & amana)

  • Understand that our bodies and our world are a trust and responsibility for us to take care of
  • Serve others through our actions, thoughts and abilities