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Our Faculty & Staff

Our faculty consists of early childhood, elementary and middle school teachers who have received training and coursework in the field of education. Our teachers have extensive practical experience working with students. Many of our classroom teachers have earned teaching licenses from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Many of our staff members, teachers and administrators, have earned Masters Degrees in Education or related fields.  


  Name Title Group
Hanan Adam Adam, Hanan Arabic Teacher
Zainub Aftab Aftab, Zainub School Secretary Administration
Zainab Ahmed Ahmed, Zainab KG Green Teacher Elementary
Eisha Akhtar Akhtar, Eisha
Aziza Al Sakkal Al Sakkal, Aziza Grade 1 (P) Teacher Elementary
Batul Al-Saigh Al-Saigh, Batul MS Science Teacher Middle School
Nusra Alam Alam, Nusra Grade 2 (P) Teacher Elementary
Shakira Ali Ali, Shakira KG (P) Assistant Elementary
Amaal Almasri Almasri, Amaal Hifdh Teacher
Aishah Baig Baig, Aishah Preschool Teacher Elementary
Saba Baig Baig, Saba Grade 3 (P) Teacher Elementary
Uzma Baig Baig, Uzma Counselor Administration, Elementary
Iman Barzinji Barzinji, Iman MS Math Teacher Elementary
Pervin Divleli Divleli, Pervin Head of School Administration
Roua Duwaji Duwaji, Roua Arabic Teacher Elementary, Middle School
Nadia Elkhatib Elkhatib, Nadia Art Teacher Elementary, Middle School
Zelikha Hamrah Hamrah, Zelikha Grade 4 (G) Teacher Elementary
Asma Hassan Hassan, Asma KG (P) Teacher Elementary
Amina Husain Husain, Amina Grade 5 (G) Teacher Elementary
Fatima Husain Husain, Fatima Grade 1 (G) Teacher
Ismail ibn Ali ibn Ali, Ismail Middle School Principal Administration, Middle School
Farah Imam Imam, Farah Elem School Principal Administration
Sabah Iqbal Iqbal, Sabah School Admin/P.E. Administration, Elementary, Middle School
Shawana Javaid Javaid, Shawana
Mariam Khan Khan, Mariam Grade 4 (P) Teacher Elementary
Muzna Khan Khan, Muzna School Counselor
Sulaima Kochaji Kochaji, Sulaima Registrar Administration
Yousuf Mehter Mehter, Yousuf PE Teacher
Asma Messaoudi Messaoudi, Asma Arabic Teacher
Souad Mohammad Mohammad, Souad Arabic Teacher
Iman Mossalam Mossalam, Iman Arabic Teacher
Nadia Msalam Msalam, Nadia Arabic Assistant
Yamina Nabeel Nabeel, Yamina Pre-K Assistant Elementary
Khadijah Nassiry Nassiry, Khadijah
Fatima Popal Popal, Fatima
Sundus Qureshi Qureshi, Sundus
Ann Raheem Raheem, Ann Grade 6 HR and MS Social Studies Teacher Middle School
Rania Rankoussi Rankoussi, Rania
Mariam Rasuli Rasuli, Mariam Business Manager Administration
Shazia Saleem Saleem, Shazia Preschool Assistant Elementary
Mai Shawir Shawir, Mai Arabic Instructional Assistant
Afeefa Syeed Syeed, Afeefa Founder Administration
Widad Zenhom Zenhom, Widad MS English Teacher Middle School
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