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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I plan to drop off my child for school?

Drive into the office park with the AFA-approved traffic flow pattern.  Follow the directions of AFA staff and volunteers. Arrive in the parking lot queue as early as 8:15 am.  Prepare to have your students exit the vehicle from the passenger side. Parents may not exit the vehicle to assist their child(ren).  Staff members will be available to help students exit safely with their belongings. Students walk to class on their own.
Students are marked tardy if they arrive in the school after 8:30 am.  Hifdh students are required to arrive between 7:25 – 7:35 am for Hifdh classes.

What if I am late driving my child to school?

Timely arrivals to school are essential to a student’s successful morning start.  All students who arrive after 8:30 am must be escorted into the building by their parent.  Parents are required to fill out the electronic tardy log at the front desk. Students with planned late arrivals must notify the school as soon as possible by sending an email with the student’s first and last name, class, and reason for absence to

How should I plan to pick up my child from school?

Drive into the office park with the same AFA-approved traffic flow pattern used in the morning drop off.  Follow directions of AFA staff and volunteers. Arrive in the parking lot queue no earlier than 3:15 pm Parents who arrive earlier than 3:15 are not allowed to park in the fire lane in front of the building, but must park their vehicle in the lot until AFA staff indicate that dismissal has begun.  Prepare to have your students enter the vehicle from the passenger side. Students will be escorted to your vehicle by an AFA staff member or volunteer. Parents are not permitted to exit their vehicles to pick up their children.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten students who attend ½ day, must be picked up inside the school building at 12:30 pm.  Parents must park in a parking space. No parking is permitted at the sidewalk.

Preschool &  Pre-Kindergarten students with no older siblings enrolled in AFA and Kindergarten students with no older siblings enrolled in AFA will be dismissed at 3:00 at the HOV dismissal area.  Please refer to the dismissal map and locate HOV dismissal lanes.

How can I join a carpool to help with the morning and / or afternoon commute?

Sign up on our Carpool Survey and you will receive survey results for your zip code the first week of school.  Families plan their own carpool arrangements. All carpools and HOV arrangements must be identified to the Main Office to help us release your students to the designated adult driver(s).

How will the school communicate news and information to my family?

You can expect regular and consistent communications from us through school wide emails, messages from the administration, teacher updates, Board Briefs, and the PTO Blast.   You can also follow us on Facebook for additional content about school happenings.

What if my child gets injured or feels ill during the school day?

All AFA staff members are trained in First Aid, CPR, and EpiPen administration.  Injured students will be treated with appropriate First Aid procedures. If the injury requires first aid attention, parents will be contacted immediately via RenWeb email notification or phone call.  Students who become sick during the school day by developing a fever* and / or vomiting, will not be permitted in the classroom. Students who leave school with a fever and / or vomiting symptoms are not permitted to attend school the following day, including after-school activities.  Fever and / or vomiting symptoms must be no longer present, without the use of medication, for at least 24 hours before returning to school. Parents will be contacted for immediate student pick up. *A fever is defined as a temperature greater than 100 degrees.  

Students will be excused from PE only  for valid reasons and with a written excuse. Parents can email or send a written excuse to school with their child. The AFA will maintain a record of excused PE absences in their student files.

What if my child gets sick at home?

In an effort to help ensure the health and wellness of our school community, students are not permitted at school if they have had a fever and / or vomiting within the past 24 hours.  Fever and / or vomiting symptoms must be no longer present, without the use of medication, for at least 24 hours before returning to school. Parents are required to notify the Main Office if their child is sick and will not be attending school.  Notification can be via email to or by phone prior to 8:15 am.  

How do I fulfill the required volunteer hours?

AFA parents are required to seek out volunteer opportunities during the school year.  Classroom teachers often ask for volunteers to help chaperone field trips, offer story time to young students, or assist with class activities during the day.  The Main Office helps coordinate school-wide volunteers to assist with morning arrival, afternoon dismissal, pizza days, committees, special school programs, and routine tasks.  Email  to inquire about general volunteer opportunities available.  To respond to specific volunteer opportunities parent should respond to the individual/group that is coordinating the volunteer activity.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

All AFA staff members have access to an AFA email address.  Please check the AFA website for the teacher’s email address.  If you have difficulty locating the email address, contact for any email address needed.  Teachers can make and receive phone calls, or hold parent conferences, during their planning periods.  Please contact your child’s teacher for their availability. Please refrain from initiating conferences or confidential conversations about their child’s progress in school-wide programs like Open House, Back To School Night, Morning Arrival, or Afternoon Dismissal or social gatherings.  

How do I know my child’s progress in class?

Students in Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten will receive two detailed progress reports, January and June, to document your child’s progress in an Early Childhood setting.  Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will receive a detailed progress report at the end of the 1st Quarter and 3 Report Cards at the end of each subsequent quarter, to document your child’s progress.  Students in Grades 2 – 8 will receive four report cards, every 9 weeks of school.

Two scheduled parent/teacher conferences will be held for all students grades Preschool to 8th at the end of the 1st Quarter and again mid-year.  Parents may request additional conferences anytime before or after the planned parent/teacher conferences.

Grades are updated routinely by all teachers in the online RenWeb system.  Students and parents of students in Grades 1-8 are encouraged to log in regularly to monitor student progress. Students who have forgotten their account information may contact

What if I have a concern about my child’s progress in class?

1-Contact your child’s teacher via email or phone  as soon as you notice a concern.

2-If you feel that the issue is not resolved, email for students in grades Preschool to 4th grade or email for students in 5th or Middle School.