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Al Fatih Virtual School

Welcome to the Al Fatih Virtual School!
Here at AFA we are deeply aware that these times are difficult on many fronts; we are all struggling to understand how to manage our lives at home in the coming weeks with stressors for adults and children alike.
But we know that we must support one another as we move ahead with compassion, understanding, and trust. Insha Allah, we plan to share as many resources as possible for maintaining our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being besides being concerned about our physical health.
We also know that we might have to make changes in our daily lives that are outside a familiar norm but ultimately necessary for the greater good. Our obligation as Muslims is to faithfully believe Allah (s) has the wisest plan and what may be perceived as bad for us may in fact benefit us eventually. Alhamdulillah, we get some downtime family bonding and a slower pace to our lives!
We plan to provide resources to support you and your children academically, spiritually, emotionally while the AFA Virtual School is in session. Bookmark this page for future reference and share with friends and family members.

OUR Virtual School Resources:

We pray that we each are given guidance from Allah (s) to do what is best for ourselves, our families, and our world. 
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