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Welcome to Al Fatih Academy Virtual School!
Be Intentional & Mindful ∎ Build Community ∎ Uphold Excellent Character ∎
Create Serenity & Peace ∎ Transform Knowledge into Action ∎ Practice Stewardship & Service

AFA Virtual School is an online program that serves the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of every student to help them achieve greater academic success. 
Our online program serves students grades K-8. Students learn through interactive live (synchronous) sessions with teachers and peers in small groups. Students receive curriculum resource kits on a quarterly basis which include supplies for activities and experiments, manipulatives, novels and reading materials, worksheets, and even art supplies!
Classes are delivered through GSuite for Education, and every student receives a school-issued Chrome- book. Parents can find comfort in knowing their students are accessing school resources on a secure platform that is monitored by AFA staff.
In addition to the core subjects of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, and Quran, students also receive instruction in Physical Education and Art. School counselors conduct regular surveys and check-ins with students and families while providing a suite of videos and activities to promote mental and emotional well-being. As a school community, students partake in school-wide competitions, weekly games, and monthly community meetings.

Al Fatih Academy Virtual School Description

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