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Al Fatih Academy - COVID-19 Response - Wellness Program Overview
Al Fatih Academy has served the Northern Virginia area for the past 20 years as a non-profit independent school for ages 3-14 and is a member of a national network of 300+ Muslim schools. 
Our programs regularly impact over 1000+ families in this geographic area, are distributed to the national network, and go beyond as we are also connected internationally to education institutions through our work with the State Dept, global education advocacy organizations and pedagogy based research centers.
As part of our standing program over the years, we have supported students in grades preschool- 8th grade as well as their parents and staff with mental health resources, tools and training by having two certified counselors on staff along with being plugged into a network of mental health professionals with a focus on children.  
During Covid-19 Stay At Home Order, we have run regular surveys and check-ins with each stakeholder group to assess wellness needs and create a feedback loop to better gauge our responses. 
We created a suite of videos for mental wellbeing, hosted weekly virtual Community Meetings, developed handouts and exercises for children, structured one on one sessions for students, parents and staff with counselors, and supported preexisting special needs portfolios.
Administration and counseling staff have been working with teachers to incorporate wellness into their instruction and planning as we moved our school entirely online the very first week of the Stay at Home order.
We are focusing on continuity of learning being a goal and providing the social-emotional/mental health support to allow for that to happen as much as possible. We also are working to maximize student learning in virtual space while being cognizant of the increased screen-time, adjusting assignment expectations and allowing flexibility with turning in work to demonstrate mastery.


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