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Welcome to Al Fatih Academy! 

I am honored to serve the Al Fatih Academy community as an Elementary School Principal (Pre-K through Fourth Grade) because our school is comprised of incredible students who love learning and exploring.  

As Principal, it is my sincere pleasure to work with our dedicated staff and community who consistently focus on helping our students grow into responsible, respectful community members who have the skills and desire to be lifelong learners and contributors.  We are committed to providing highly effective instruction that leads to strong student learning and growth, academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

In addition to our efforts at AFA, parents and family members make a difference in a child's growth. No matter how small the activity, a little bit of encouragement, or time spent with our children can create a positive impact and will have long-lasting effects. Enjoy this school year with your child as you learn together through experiences and dialogue.

It is a privilege to be part of the AFA community and play a role in shaping the futures of our students!  We are excited for the opportunity to work with you and your child to provide a safe and productive learning environment. I encourage you to schedule an appointment or call me to share ideas, concerns, or questions. I wish your family, and especially your student, great success this school year.


Farah Imam
Elementary School Principal