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al-Salāmu ‘Alaykum! Subḥānallāh, the year 2019 is coming to a close! The atmosphere is full of excitement, as students prepare for their holiday break.  As we spend time with our families and friends, I want to remind us of the importance of making good intentions whenever we do so.
One of the great scholars of the 20th century, al-Habib Muhammad al-Aydarus wrote The Book of Intentions. In this book he suggests the intentions one should make when visiting family and friends which include intending to:
  • bring happiness and joy to friends and family
  • learn how to assist family or friends that need our help
  • strengthen the relationship between family and friends
  • amuse and refresh the soul
I ask Allah to allow us to use the break as a time to reinvigorate us, in the company of family and friends, so that we return to school ready to finish Quarter 2 with our best foot forward. Enjoy your vacation!
Ustadh Ismail
On behalf of the Middle School Team



Middle School students learned some of the basics of the coding language Python through an interactive game Special thanks to volunteers from Amazon Web Services for showing us the ropes!


This month, MS was excited to host Ms. Sherin Ashkar-Nayfeh who led a Seminar workshop on Creative Writing! Students were challenged to make connections with literature they’ve read and write a short letter to an author whose work has touched them in some way. Having been a middle-school language arts teacher for over 10 years, Ms. Sherin’s Letters About Literature workshop helped students to stretch their imagination and complemented work they do on a daily basis in English class. Thank you Ms. Sherin!

7th Grade Visits Newseum and American Islamic Heritage Museum - 12/4

Ms. Ann accompanied 7th-grade students to the Newseum where they explored how the news has evolved and the role it has played in changing society, from improving working conditions to helping the Civil Rights movement. Highlights included seeing an actual section of the Berlin Wall and the great view from the balcony.
Students then visited the American Islamic Heritage Museum. Founder and Curator Br. Amir Muhammad led students on a tour through the Muslim presence in and influence on the United States from the earliest days, even before the English arrived. He challenged students to find answers to specific questions and very generously gave T-shirts to those who shared answers and snacks to all.


8th Grade Visits National Museum of African American History and Culture - 12/18


In 8th grade English, students explore institutional racism as a challenge that affects society at large. Ms. Widad accompanied students to the NMAAHC to help students explore the history of America through the African-American lens, and better connect to the history that developed the current challenges. The visit started with a guided tour of the Slavery and Freedom gallery and culminated in an exploration of African American and African diaspora culture.

Family Life Education Lessons! - 12/3-12/18

Ms. Muzna, Ms. Sabah, Ustadh Ismail, and Br. Yousuf delivered Family Life Education lessons related to “Changes,” “Safety” and “Social Pressure.” Additionally, Dr. Jodi Trombley (an AFA parent) of CVS Pharmacy led a one-hour presentation on Prescription Drug Safety (pictured). MS students learned about the potential dangers of prescription drugs and necessary caution if they are ever prescribed such a drug. We thank Ms. Jodi for taking the time to present this important information to our students!


6th Grade Attempts to Spend a Weekend Without Screens! - 12/6-12/8

As a joint project between Ms. Muzna’s Counseling Office, Seminar, and Islamic Studies, 6th-grade students were challenged to fast from using a screen of any kind for 48 hours. If students succeeded, they received a no-uniform-day at school as well as an extra recess. The discussion with students afterwards was eye-opening! Though they found it difficult, they reported having lots of fun with siblings and friends when they were not attached to their devices.