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Join us for Black Lives Matter @AFA tonight at 6pm!

We look forward to seeing you tonight (Wednesday 6/3/20) at 6pm Insha Allah!
Imam Muhammad Magid will be joining the conversation with Tariq Toure. 
The focus will be on Middle School students' age group. 

The session will be live-streaming via Facebook here:

Black Lives Matter @AFA

Dear AFA Families-
As-salāmu ʿalaykum. 
We are saddened and frustrated by current events that have shaken our country. The horrific deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have only amplified an undercurrent of injustice and inequality that disproportionately affects African American brothers and sisters. 
We know that there are some AFA families who are personally affected by these events, as well as others who are struggling to understand their role in working for justice in this country. 
It is time to let go of the “all lives matter” talking point or that we are all colorblind as Muslims. We know the reality of our community’s shortcomings and know that racism does exist - even in the most subtle and imperceptible ways in how we treat others whose skin is a different color.
This is a collective responsibility and each of us is obligated to do our part. This is the time to have important conversations with our children about our own biases and stereotypes, about how we may treat others based on these. We must talk clearly about how, as Allah’s creation, we stand up for justice when we see it trampled. 
Some of you may feel that these are difficult conversations, or that your children are too young. But both research and practice point to the fact that children as young as 3 years old perceive and create impressions of one another based on our physical traits including skin color. Talking about this actually empowers our children to be more proactive about establishing justice in small ways now that will translate into bigger actions as they grow. 
We have worked hard at AFA to be as inclusive as possible in our programs and approach. ‘Al-Ḥamdulillāh we have had opportunities to train teachers on bias and racism as part of our mandatory orientation program. We have addressed issues of injustice and inequality through our core values as well as integrated curriculum objectives for years now. We have created resources and videos to bolster this work. 
But we recognize the need to always improve and build upon what is in place as we grow and learn. We will continue to explore how to be better in teaching, planning, and interacting on issues of racism and injustice. 
As we have in the past, we are monitoring students for their reactions and feelings about current events. We will be engaging Middle School students more directly on these issues. 
Please plan to join us for a session tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3 at 6:00pm titled “Black Lives Matter @AFA: Our Role and Our Responsibility”. We will be joined by activist Tariq Toure who has led such discussions as well as community actions in our area. 
Thank you.
May Allah (s) protect us all from harm and from doing harm. 
Wa as-salām ʿalaykum 
AFA Admin Leadership
Afeefa Syeed
Pervin Divleli
Ismail IbnAli
Farah Imam
Additional resources:
AFA Official Statement can be found here.

6/1/2020 - Ms. Afeefa Getting to Know Each Other

Why did Allah (s) create all of us differently? And why does he want us to know each other?
Ms. Afeefa talks about the beauty in each of us and also shares some important ideas about fairness and justice. 
How will you make sure not to be arrogant and be fair?


5/18/2020 - Ms. Afeefa Talks to Allah in Prayer

​Did you know our prayer positions are part of how we can talk to Allah (s) every day? The more we know what happens when we pray, the more connected our mind, heart and body are to Allah and the universe. 
Where are all the places you've prayed?


5/11/2020 - Ms. Afeefa and The Salaam Steps!

​Step Away from Anger and Cool Down!
​S is for Salaam!

​​Ms. Afeefa talks about what we can do when we get upset about something that's happening around us - especially when we know what being angry feels like.
And she also shares how the SALAAM Steps help her when she might get into an argument or have a conflict with someone else.
What do you do when you get angry about something?  

Parents, please share this video with your AFA'er.


5/4/2020 - May is Optimism and Positivity Month at AFA

Ms. Afeefa reminds us what a positive attitude means and how we can be optimistic every day.

A  rose bush in her garden helps tell how we see a beautiful flower, a prickly thorn, and a closed bud as part of how we can find positivity around us.

What do you do at home with your family to be positive?

Parents, please share this video with your AFA'er.


4/27/2020 - Practicing the S's of Ramadan with Ms. Afeefa

​​Ms. Afeefa has reminders to help our Ramadan be meaningful and make us even stronger all year long.
Which S are you practicing more of this month and are there more you would add?
Can you spot the shark umbrella that was handy in case it rained? 
Parents, please share this video with your AFA'er.
​Click here for the handout with all of the practices to use with your family today!
To watch the video on YouTube, click here.


4/10/2020 - Finding our Calm and Creating a Sakinah Space with Ms. Afeefa


​Don't Lose it! Finding our Calm and Creating a Sakinah Space with Ms. Afeefa

Click here to watch the video.

​​​How can we find our sakinah when we feel sad, angry, upset, frustrated or just not ourselves? Ms. Afeefa talks about how we listen to our bodies to know when we don't have calm in our lives. She shares how to help get our sakinah back and also what a sakinah space in our houses might include. As you watch the video, can you see who's hiding in the Lego bowl?

4/3/2020 - Fellow ​Friends of the Earth! 3 Ways We Can Love Our Planet Today

Jumu'ah Mubarak Fellow ​Friends of the Earth!  3 Ways We Can Love Our Planet Today

Click here to watch the video!

Ms. Afeefa talks about what stewardship means through being a khalifa (friend of the earth), how this connects to amana (being entrusted to take care of something) and what trusting Allah (s) through tawakkul means for us every day. She shares 3 ways she is practicing loving the earth that you can try at home. As you watch the video, see if you can spot a friend who comes by to visit!


3/27/2020 - Growing Inside Our Cocoons & 5 Finger Dua with Ms. Afeefa


Jumu'ah Mubarak AFA'ers!

Click here to watch the video!

​You'd be surprised what you might find in your house now that you are studying and working from home! I found something that helps me remember that we're getting a chance to grow in so many ways inside our cocoons. I also am reminded to be mindful of how we all make dua for ourselves and for others.

3/20/2020 - Our Breathing Practice

​Jumu'ah Mubarak AFAers!

Click to watch the video here!

​​​I hope you're doing our deep breathing practice by yourself or with your family! I made this video to remind us how we've done it at school so we can practice at home.
It's been a week since we've seen everybody in our school building and I know it's not been easy. But we're all doing what we need to do so we can beat this ​Corona COVID-19 Virus together!
Your teachers have been very busy getting everything together so they can continue to be with you in so many ways in the coming weeks while we're all at our own homes.
We would love to hear from you about what you're up to. Deep Thoughts you want to share with other students? What you're working on at home - are you building a fort? Are you painting something? Are you learning something new to do with a parent? Are you teaching your brother or sister something?
We miss you so much! And we love you lots.

Ms. Afeefa, Ms. Pervin, Ustadh Ismail, Ms. Farah, and all your teachers.