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Intention + Purpose Theme!

September 21, 2020
Dear AFAers! 
We were so glad to be together last Wednesday for our very first Virtual School Student Community Meeting! 
Remember we talked about this month’s theme which is Intention نِيَّة and Purpose. 
Purpose is the reason you’re doing something and intention is planning how to do it. 
We will practice concentrating so our intentions and actions are strong and useful this month. 
We also remind ourselves and each other about doing what is good. When we know our purpose it also helps us make our goals, hopes, and dreams come true.
In shā Allah, we will try our best to be mindful of our thoughts, actions, and reactions this month and also work to be UPStanders every day.
Wasalam and with Love,  
Ms. Afeefa, Ms. Pervin, Ustadh Ismail, Ms. Amina and All Your Teachers

Here are the slides we shared during the meeting!


الإِرادَة - Desire: Wanting to do an action.
النِّـيَّـة - Intention: Planning how to do something.
القَصْد - Purpose: The reason you do something.
العَزْم - Resolve: Determination to act.
التَّـأَمُّل بِالوَعْي - Mindfulness: Awareness of your actions.
الـتَّـرْكِيْز - Concentration: Staying focused throughout your action.
الـتَّدَبُّـر وَالـتَّفَكُّـر - Contemplation: Reflect on your action, how you felt, how people reacted.
الإِخْلاص - Sincerity: Checking that your action is for Allah’s pleasure.
الـرِّياء - Showing Off: Unclear or negative intentions.