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PhiSci Robotics

Grades KG – 8

PhiSci Robotics is an innovative education company inspiring children of all ages.  The programs help students learn critical skills through expert instructions, hands-on education, and real-world tools.  Visit

Computer Science League

Grade 5 & 6

This program is a unique educational opportunity for computer enthusiasts.  There are 4 contests held during the program. In each contest, students are given short theoretical and applied questions, and then a programming problem to solve.  At the end of the year, an Invitational Team All-Star contest, based upon cumulative scores, is held at a common site. Visit

Build a Website

Grade 6 - 8

Knowing how to build a website from scratch is a cool skill that can lead to many opportunities. If you are a future graphic designer, programmer, or entrepreneur, then this club is for you.  You’ll first learn the basics, then transition to tools used by real developers in the industry. Topics that will be covered include HTML, CSS, web design, “Git” version control, web hosting and more!