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Hadith Club

Grades 5 – 8

Thursday afternoons are a sacred time. Over the centuries, Muslims have gathered for the Rawha on Thursdays, honoring this time by collectively studying sacred knowledge and remembering Allah and His Prophet, peace be upon him. The Rawha hopes to revive this tradition through the reading of essential texts of Islam that every Muslim, young or old, should know. During the fall Rawha session, students will read with the famous 40 Hadith collected by Imam al-Nawawi, and discuss how those hadith apply to our lives, in an interactive and engaging format.

Students will read aḥadīth about the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ including his physical description, dress, food & drink, animals, utensils, and worship. Students will also read about his miracles and distinguishing features as the final prophet to humanity. These aḥādīth have been compiled especially for the Rawha-Hadith club, sourced from famous texts such as the Shamā'il al-Muḥammadiyya of Imām al-Tirmidhī.

One of the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) is his ability to express powerful concepts in few words. This session of Hadith Club, titled "Short & Sweet" will focus on a collection of these profound sayings of the Prophet.