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Peer Mediation  

Grades 4-8

Peer mediation empowers students to resolve their own conflicts. The process is voluntary, confidential, informal, respectful and impartial.  Because peer mediation puts conflict back into the hands of the students, it gives them a sense of ownership of their problems, and creating within them an investment in collaborative resolution processes.

Peer Mediators are represented by one male and female student per grade 4-8. These students are trained by the school counselors to address common areas of conflict such as: rumors, gossip, social media, dissolution of friendship and relationships, minor bullying harassment, confrontations that result from differences.

Students are selected for this program are academically responsible and demonstrate the following qualities: respectful of others peers and teachers and staff, trustworthy, helpful, can remain neutral and calm during intense situations, patience, take initiative, has strong critical thinking skills.