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Sustain AFA Campaign
  • If you've met an AFA student, then you've witnessed the potential that child has to make a transformational positive impact on Islam and education in America.
  • If you've met an AFA teacher, then you know the pride and excitement they demonstrate when talking about the impact they have on the future of young Muslims.
  • And if are a Friend of AFA, then you know about their mission to inculcate in each child joy in their Muslim identity, love of learning, self-confidence and a heart that cares about the world around them.
The unique circumstances of the Covid-19 quarantine have challenged many of our families and the school financially. Despite this, AFA has been widely recognized for its leadership in being up and running better and faster than other public and private schools in the region. 
We need you to be an AFA Donor today to partner in the success of supporting children who need financial aid, to keep this institution running, and to benefit our whole community. 
Your donation now will ensure our children receive the best academic, social/emotional, spiritual and intellectual support they need to continue to grow. And after this COVID 19 time passes, they will be even more determined, competent and confident contributing citizens to the world.

What AFA is doing now:

1. Built and rolled out Virtual School within a week of closure
2. Continues to provide social/emotional support through counselors, teachers, staff for students and parents
3. Continues to build a strong American Muslim identity through our unique curriculum and standard-based learning objectives
4. Continues to be financially responsible Zakah Some of our community members have been directly affected by these uncertain times.
Giving your zakah today to AFA will help alleviate immediate and emerging needs and will also help us address unexpected burdens for the school related to the current situation.

Click here to invest your zakat now.




$ 500

Or whatever you can afford --You can help Sustain AFA - with your donation today.
We are confident and assured that together with your support Al Fatih Academy will come out stronger on the other side of this unprecedented time, ‘In shā‘ Allāh. And we know that AFA Core Values of practicing stewardship and service, building community, upholding excellent character, being intentional, creating peace and serenity, and transforming knowledge into action are all being activated during these challenging times both in our homes and in our school community together.
May Allah (s) protect us and embrace us all with His infinite Mercy.
Barak Allahu Feekum - May Allah (s) bless you for your generosity and commitment to our beloved AFA!
AFA Board of Directors