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Our Why

We are here because we want to establish an institution. A place where whoever comes will feel empowered, safe, and challenged to be proactive. This translates to teaching our children through the lens of how the Prophet Muhammad (s) did – modeling his characteristics and creating an environment for excellence in everything.

Some of us might be here because we do not feel we have a choice in not being here at this time. When we know that we as a team can help to build minds and nurture souls who will be strong in their faith and action, we do not have the luxury to say, “Can I be somewhere else?”  We know that through our efforts, with whatever limitations we have or are imposed on us, the status of our world can be directly affected. We know this is from Allah, and we know He will ask us how we used our abilities and passions. 

We are here because we know that the people around us – the teachers, the parents, the volunteers, friends of AFA, and especially the students – are in this for the same reason, and with the same passion. We all want to make big ripples through small actions and incremental but sustainable changes. 

We are here because the global community needs our determination; we can build a model of cooperation and positive-ness and, yes, it can be replicated. We cannot swerve from this mission; we should not be pressed into believing it is too idealistic. 

We can be other places, doing other things. And Allah knows best what He has in store for any one of us. But our Why is an important one because what we have is different, has potential, and is special. We have built something that stands on its own for the mere fact that we all care passionately, that this is not just a job, and that children are a priority for us. 

We ask Allah (s) to guide us, to protect us, to embrace us and to purify our hearts. Ameen.

On behalf of the Faculty and Staff,

Pervin Divleli and Afeefa Syeed