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Morning Hifdh Program  

The aim of the AFA program is to help children learn how to memorize the Quran effectively and consistently.  Our Hifdh curriculum does not culminate in students becoming hafiz of the Quran.  However the curriculum and pacing allow students to become familiar with rules of recitation and memorization to support a lifetime of independent memorization.  
Students in grades K-8th grade may enroll in the AFA Hifdh Program.
Monday- Friday 7:25 am-8:20 am
Grades K - 3: One composition book
Grades 4-8: Quran (Student owned Quran is preferred so that students may mark their progress and note areas of difficulty)
Class Structure:
7:30 -7:45-Daily review of memorized ayat
7:45 -8:10- Introduce new ayat for memorization
8:10 -8:20-Independent practice / pronunciation review with teacher
All hifdh students will receive daily homework to facilitate memorization and review of their Quran lessons.  Students must review the most recent ayahs taught in class on a daily basis, no new memorization will be assigned for daily homework.  Parents may model proper recitation review with Tajweed or they may use an online qari to model proper recitation for at-home review.  Teachers can recommend websites and online apps upon request. 
Class Assignments:
Students are assigned to a hifdh class according to their grade level, not their memorization proficiency level.  Each teacher will help differentiate class instruction so that all students are memorizing effectively. 
Hifdah Class Groupings:
Level 1- Kg, 1st and 2nd Grade Students.
Students in level 1 are not required to be independent Arabic readers.  Instead teachers will emphasize correct letter pronunciation (Makharij). Students will be provided a copy of the surah being memorized and teachers will teach word for word memorization and pronunciation. Quranic vocabulary, from within the Ayat being memorized, will be introduced.
Level 2- 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students.
Memorization, proper pronunciation, and Tajweed will be emphasized. Teacher will model correct recitation with Tajweed.  Teacher will correct individual student recitation. Students will memorize during class. Quranic vocabulary and general meaning of the Ayat/Surah will be introduced.
Level 3- 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students
Students at this level are able to read fluently. Teacher directs students toward intense and independent memorization.  A strong emphasis is put on the memorization, quality of the recitation, and Tajweed.  Teacher will model correct recitation with Tajweed.  Teacher will correct individual student recitation and teach memorization techniques. Quranic vocabulary and meaning of the Ayat/Surah will be introduced. Students will progress at an independent memorization pace under the guidance of the teacher
Memorization Pacing:
 Students will memorize approximately half a Juz per year of Hifdh. Students entering the program at the kindergarten grade level and continuing until 8th grade will memorize 4.5 Juz Inshallah. Memorization will span Juz 28 to Juz 24 in reverse order, Inshallah.  This will allow students with strong memorization skills to memorize beyond Juz 24 if able.


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