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Hifdh Program (Morning)

Grades K-8

The aim of the AFA Morning Hifdh program is to help children learn how to memorize the Quran effectively and consistently. Our Hifdh curriculum does not culminate in students becoming hafiz of Quran. The curriculum and pacing allow students to become familiar with the rules of recitation and memorization to support a lifetime of independent memorization. 

Classes are held Monday through Friday, 7:25am-8:20am.

Memorization Pacing:

Students will memorize approximately half a Juz per year of Hifdh. Students entering the program at the kindergarten grade level and continuing until 8th grade will memorize 4.5 Juz Inshallah. Memorization will span Juz 28 to Juz 24 in reverse order.  This will allow students with strong memorization skills to memorize beyond.

Class Structure:

7:30 -7:45-Daily review of memorized ayat
7:45 -8:10- Introduce new ayat for memorization
8:10 -8:20-Independent practice / pronunciation review with teacher
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