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AFA Community

A very important core value of AFA is to Build Community or ukhuwa.

This means we intentionally create opportunities for each of us, whether in the building or outside, to feel a sense of belonging in every possible way. Belonging means knowing your voice matters, your ideas are nurtured, your concerns are heard and your whole being is nurtured.

We have monthly school wide Community Meetings, regular Parenting Circles, staff and faculty wellness check-ins, and wonderful volunteers - many of whom are our beloved alumni- who initiate and support innovative activities that make our connections stronger.

A big part of Building Community is learning through engaging our surroundings- we are proud of our partnerships with Reston Community Center, the Sunrise Assisted Living Center, and Cornerstones which runs the Embry Rucker Shelter.

Everyone brings something to build community at AFA and we welcome you to our community!

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