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Board of directors

Al Fatih Academy is a registered 501(3)c non­profit institution and as such is not owned by any one individual or groups of individuals. The administration is primarily responsible for the day-­to­-day operations of the school. The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for policymaking, long­term strategic planning and assuring the financial viability of the school. The Board is composed of parents, community members as well as the Co­Founders. 

The Board consists of between 7 and 11 members who serve on a volunteer basis for three-year terms.  Vacancies on the Board are filled upon nomination of an individual by any interested person, including community members, teachers, and Directors, and selection of such person by majority vote of the current Directors.

AFA Administration

The Head of School carries the key responsibilities to lead the school effectively including policy and curriculum development, fundraising and budgeting, admissions, principal oversight, strategic planning, and establishing and maintaining the culture of the school. The Head of School works closely with the school board and supervises the Elementary School and Middle School Principals.

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