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School Building

Over 20 years ago, Al Fatih offered its first classes in a rented house. As the school continues to grow, we are working toward purchasing a building that is conducive to learning and optimal in meeting the physical needs of our students. We are currently leasing 30,000 square feet and Insha'Allah, our new building will have: 

Physical Space:

  • Expand to 40,000 square feet
  • Independent Structure - Not a shared space

Outdoor space:

  • 3-5+ acres
  • Dedicated parking
  • Efficient drop-off/pick-up area
  • Young child playground
  • Open fields - soccer/basketball/etc.

Additional spaces:

  • Cafeteria with full kitchen
  • Gym, Library, Dedicated prayer space
  • Auditorium/meeting area
  • Large spacious classrooms
  • Windows and natural light a priority

To donate, click HERE OR make your donation by sending a text to 703-440-7634 and text "Building"