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The objective of the Arabic program is to teach Arabic as a Modern Foreign Language, while making connections to Arabic of the Quran and of the larger Muslim tradition. Emphasis is placed on strategies that allow students to see themselves as language learners, building their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Classes are taught fully in Arabic to invite students to utilize the language skills learned. As students explore various aspects of daily life, important vocabulary, grammar and dialogue are introduced. Many times students explore topics through role-playing, dialogue, and interactive games.

In Middle School, students are separated by level, and students successfully completing 3 years of Middle School Arabic at AFA can earn 1-3 years of High School Arabic Language Credit (added to transcript). The chart below explains how much foreign language credit a student could receive in Fairfax and Loudoun County Public Schools.

Arabic Track 1
6th Grade Level 1
7th Grade Level 2A
8th Grade Level 2B
Earned HS Credit yr 1 & 2
Arabic Track 2
6th Grade Level 2A
7th Grade Level 2B
8th Grade Level 3
Earned HS Credit yr 1, 2, 3
Arabic Track 3
6th Grade Level 2B
7th Grade Level 3
8th Grade Level 3 Extended
Earned HS Credit yr 1, 2, 3
Update 5/31/24