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  • Get ready for the 2020-2021 School Year!
    July 7, 2020
    Dear AFA Community, As-salāmu ʿalaykum!
    Your administrative team is busy preparing for AFA’s very first Virtual School fall opening!   As we work through new and exciting plans, we want to share with you some important calendar updates and other general information to help us all get ready for the coming school year.  Be sure to continue to check the website for updates and info during the summer.
    Three minor changes to the calendar have been made to allow teachers maximum time for quarter-end preparation.  Our goal is to allow for one Teacher Workday a week prior to the end of a quarter and one Teacher Workday just after the end of a quarter. These additional days will be used to distribute student kits.  ‘Al-Ḥamdulillāh we were able to make these adjustments by converting 2 half day Fridays to student holidays and shifting one existing teacher workday to an alternate date.
    Please note the following changes:
    • Friday, Jan. 8 has converted to a student holiday & teacher workday.
    • Friday, March 19 has converted to a student holiday & teacher workday.
    • Virtual Back to School Nights have been rescheduled to September 15 & 17
      **Specific details will be shared prior to each actual event date**

    *Student Kits
    • Students will be issued two supply kits labeled ‘General Supply Kit’ and ‘Learning Kit’. General Supply Kit will include basic school supplies that will be used throughout the year. Learning Kit is curriculum specific and will include items needed for specific lessons.
    • Student kits will be issued prior to each quarter.
    • Quarter 1 student kits are to be picked up on August 21 from 6:00-8:00pm (more details to follow)
    • AFA student devices will also be issued along with the first student kits.
    Mandatory Annual School Supply Fee
    • Each family will be charged a $50 supply fee per student registered at AFA. 
    • This fee will be drawn from family FACTS accounts on August 3.
    • All basic school supplies will be purchased and supplied by AFA.
    • Supplies will be sent home in the student kits along with other curriculum related supplies and materials each quarter
    • Parents will not be required to purchase any other school supplies
    Mandatory Annual Graduation Fee
    • Each family with a registered 8th grade student will be charged a $50 graduation fee.
    • This fee will be drawn from family FACTS accounts on August 3.
    • This fee helps offset the cost of caps, tassels, and other graduation related expenses.
    Summer Practice
    Keyboarding Practice: Jungle Junior (KG & 1st Grade) | (2nd-8th Grade)
    These websites are free to use. Parents can create an account to track and save student progress.
    It is highly encouraged that students practice a little each day in preparation for virtual school learning.

    During AFA Virtual School the best way for parents to contact school personnel is directly via email.
    Updates will be posted on the website, AFA official Facebook Page, and AFA Official Instagram Page
    We are committed to supporting you in every way possible to prepare for Virtual School. Please keep an eye out for resources and reach out to us as you have concerns or questions.
    Tips to help you and your family thrive despite the challenges.
    What Should I Look For? Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Problems in Children During COVID-19
    Thank you,
    Al Fatih Academy Administration
  • Important Enrollment Update!
    June 17, 2020
    Dear AFA Families,
    As-salāmu ʿalaykum.
    June 15th marked the deadline for signing Tuition Agreements and finalizing your student's enrollment for the 20-21 school year. ‘Al-Ḥamdulillāh, the final step of our enrollment process is now complete!  Based on our current enrollment numbers we are moving forward with staffing placements for one section of each grade (KG - 8).  We are also beginning our resource allocations and planning for the coming school year.
    Please note that administrative offices will be closed from June 24 - July 31.  Any and all inquiries related to enrollment, transcripts, etc. will not be processed until after our return on August 3.  
    However, there is still time to reactivate your re-enrollment application before our offices close for the summer.  Families that request reactivation before June 20 will be processed by June 23rd,‘In shā‘ Allāh 
    If you decide you want to reactivate your child’s re-enrollment after June 20th, please note the following.
    • When your request is received, we will reactivate your existing re-enrollment application on or after August 3rd.
    • Previously paid re-enrollment fees will be applied (credited).
    • A new Tuition Agreement will be generated and sent for your signature. 
    Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.  
    Your child’s re-enrollment will be subject to the availability of staffing and seats at the grade level you are seeking enrollment for.  
    We cannot guarantee we will have the staff or seat availability to fulfill re-enrollment requests that are submitted later in the summer.
    Students whose families have failed to finalize their Tuition Agreements will be administratively withdrawn today. This includes families with blocked re-enrollment accounts. As noted in the Student Technology Policy, student Google and RenWeb accounts will be suspended upon withdrawal.
    For families that have made plans to enroll elsewhere, please be sure to submit your transcript requests to no later than June 23rd. Transcripts requests received after that date will not be processed until August 3rd, when we re-open.
    May Allah (s) bless us all with rest and rejuvenation through the summer and bring baraka to our school in every way. 
    Jazākum ‘Allāhu Khayran
    Wa as-salām ʿalaykum 
    Pervin Divleli
    Head of School

    CC: Sent via email on June 17, 2020

  • Now Enrolling for 2020-2021
    Now Enrolling for AY 20/21 Virtual School!
    KG - Grade 8 Applicants Welcome!
    To apply, click here.
Now Enrolling!