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  • Student Learning Kit Pick-up: 10/23

    Quarter 2

    Student Learning Kit Pick-up

    Friday, October 23, 2020

    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Dear AFA Community, As-salāmu ʿalaykum!
    SubhanAllah! The end of quarter 1 is just weeks away.  As the quarter begins to wind down our teachers are preparing to gather and make ready the materials and resources needed for quarter 2. Below you will find the pick-up guidelines for the Student Learning Kits as well as important upcoming dates. 
    (we will need this box for the 3rd quarter pick-up event).
    Pick-up Guidelines:
    • Parents may arrive anytime between 8am - 4pm Friday, October 23rd.
    • ALL Student Learning Kit boxes (Elementary and Middle School) will be retrieved from the main level multipurpose room.
    • ALL parents are asked to park in front of the AFA building, walk to the front door and ring the doorbell.
    • Only one parent will be admitted into the building at a time with their quarter 1 box
    • Please understand that you may have to wait until a parent has retrieved their box before being admitted to the building.
    • Parents will be escorted into the building to retrieve their student’s box(s).
    • Parents will drop off their student’s box from home and pick-up their 2nd qtr box. 
    Teachers will inform students and families directly of specific instructions regarding return of items from home. Families are required to follow teacher instructions closely.
    Safety Guidelines:
    All AFA school personnel will wear face masks at all times and maintain a safe distance.
    All parents/family members will wear face masks throughout the pick-up process and will maintain a safe distance from AFA staff and other parents.

    cc: Sent to parents via email 10/4/20

  • ICYMI - Middle School BTSN
    al-Salamu 'Alaykum,
    Jumu'ah Mubarakah!
    Thank you for joining us last night for Middle School Back to School Night. For those who were unable to attend for any portion of the admin presentation, below is the link to the recording and the slides that were presented.
    Video Recording of Middle School Admin Presentation
    Slide Presentation by Administration
    If you missed any individual teacher presentations, please reach out to that teacher, and they will be happy to share a recording of their presentation with you.
    Ismail ibn Ali
    Islamic Studies Instructor
    cc: Sent via email to parents on 9/18/20
  • ICYMI - Elementary BTSN
    September 17, 2020
    al-Salamu 'Alaykum,
    Thank you for joining us for the Elementary Back-to-School Night on Tuesday (9/15). For those who were unable to attend for any portion of the admin presentation, below is the link to the recording and the slides that were presented.


    Elementary School BTSN Video

    Elementary School BTSN Presentation

    Ismail ibn Ali
    Islamic Studies Instructor
    cc: Sent via email to parents 9/17/2020
  • AFA Virtual School Week 3 Updates
    September 10, 2020
    Dear AFA Community, 
    As-salāmu ʿalaykum!
    We’ve accomplished so much during our first 2 virtual weeks together! Students and teachers have gotten to know each other and we’ve all become more accustomed to our daily routines and the technology we use.   
    We are also excited to be entering our third week of school, Alhamdullilah!  Week 3 marks the beginning of diving deeper into the curriculum and using all the resources and materials that were sent home in the Student Learning Kits.  
    As we move forward with the school year we wanted to share the following useful information.
    Back to School Nights
    We welcome parents to join us next week for BTSN. Administrators and teachers will present grade-level curriculum overviews, approaches to learning, classroom routines and expectations, and how we can work together throughout the year to support each child’s growth.
    Building Access
    The physical school building is no longer accessible. Administration will reach out to parents directly to arrange for appointments should it be necessary to meet in person at the school building for any reason.  For example, a family may be required to bring an original document for review or to drop off/ pick up a chromebook, etc. 
    In order to ensure a successful start to the school year, administration, teachers, and staff were accessible beyond school hours including evenings and weekends.  Since students and parents are now more accustomed to AFA Virtual School, going forward  parents can expect to receive responses to email inquiries within a 24 hour period during the hours of 8am-4pm.  For inquiries received on Fridays, responses will be sent by the following Monday, Inshallah.
    For general community updates, you are welcome to follow us on the official AFA social media platforms for Facebook and Instagram.
    You may also access all past notices on our website. Scroll down to “Latest Updates”.
    Attendance is taken first thing in the morning during Morning Meeting or RAM live sessions.  This morning attendance is entered into RenWeb and students who do not attend their morning sessions will be marked absent for the day. This is the attendance that is officially reported on a student’s report card. 
    Attendance is also taken at the beginning of each live session. The live sessions attendance is meant to help teachers and administrators ensure that students are accessing learning on a regular basis and in a timely fashion for each class. 
    Reporting Student Absences
    Parents are required to report student absences using our Absence Notification Form.  The form must be completed before or on the day of the absence for the absence to be coded as excused. 
    Parents are encouraged to also inform their homeroom teacher of student absences by sending an email.  
    Accessing Tech Support
    We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through the technical issues that some students are experiencing.  As we have shared before, parents and students are required to use the Tech Support Request Form to report technical issues.  Submitting tech support requests via the form will ensure timely resolution and requests will be processed in the order that they are received. 
    Password reset requests may also be made online via the Student Password Request Form.
    Accessing AFA Forms
    In addition to the technical support forms, medical, academic, and attendance forms may be found on our website:
    Family Portal and RenWeb Home App
    Grades, attendance, and more are available for viewing via the FACTS SIS Family Portal. Click here for instructions on accessing the portal.  
    A phone app is also available for purchase on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for $4.99/year. Search for RenWeb Home. Our District Code is ALF-VA.

    cc: Sent via email to parents on 9/10/2020
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