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  • Important Dates, COVID Testing & Reminders
    September 3, 2021
    As-Salāmu ʿAlaykum AFA Families!
    Labor Day Holiday - Friday , September 3rd and Monday, September 6th are school holidays. AFA Admin Offices will also be closed. We will see you back in school on Tuesday, September 7th, inshaAllah!
    Mandatory ONSITE COVID Testing, Wednesday, September 8th -  AFA will be conducting regular onsite testing throughout the year (future dates TBA) through Capital Diagnostics. Our first onsite PCR testing is scheduled for all students and staff this coming Wednesday. If you participated in testing at our Meet & Greet event, you do not need to register again. If you have not registered or do not remember, use the link sent via email on 9/2 to pre-register. 
    • ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED by Tuesday, September 7 at 12pm. 
    • Parents/Guardians must register as the student, not as themselves.
    • The site-specific code is ALFATIH
    • Testing will be conducted between 1:30-3:00pm. 
    • Half-day or 2-day PK students must notify Admin and plan on coming during this time or plan on completing testing independently.
    Parking Lot Safety - We hope that you have noticed that our drop-off and pick-up process has settled in for this school year, Alhamdulillah. Parents and students are adjusting to this routine, remembering their dash numbers, and assigned routes. This has helped in significantly reducing wait time and increasing traffic flow. AFA Administration has identified some additional areas of improvement and we request your complete cooperation and adherence to parking lot safety reminders below. Do note that there are traffic violation fines associated with all infractions. 
    • Maintain a speed limit of 10mph in the business park. We have received complaints about speeding parents in the mornings and in the afternoons from our neighbors. We have asked them to document the cars' make and models and/or dash numbers so that we can follow up with parents individually.
    • Hands must be device-free. It is Virginia state law that drivers use "hands-free" devices if they must use their phones while driving. This is the expectation in our drop-off and pick-up lines as well.
    • Stay alert and follow all staff guidance. You may now know the routines for drop-off and dismissal but there may be times when there are changes to the route due to traffic obstructions or safety concerns. ALWAYS be alert and look to the AFA staff stationed outside for guidance and instructions. Do not pass cars unless you have been instructed to do so.
    • Only use routes approved for AFA. When entering the parking lot, families should immediately turn left and drive around the business park. Under no circumstance should AFA families be going straight down the middle or turn right into Kiddie Academy. If you come down the middle or through Kiddie Academy during drop off or dismissal, not only will you incur a fine, AFA staff will instruct you to return to the front of the business park and follow the approved route - only delaying your time in line. 
    We hope that you have a safe, healthy, and restful holiday weekend! We will see you on Tuesday!
    Wa ʿAlaykum as-Salām,
    Al Fatih Academy Administration

    cc: Sent via email to all parents on 9/2/21

  • Welcome the First Week of School at AFA!
    August 22, 2021
    As-Salāmu ʿAlaykum AFA Families!
    We had a great turnout at Open House last Friday! We would like to thank all parents, students, and teachers for coming together with such enthusiasm and excitement for the coming year. We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school tomorrow, Monday, August 23rd! We understand that some families were unable to join us due to travel and scheduling. 
    Please refer to some important information below to get the school year started successfully!  
    We look forward to seeing you all Monday morning, ‘In shā‘ Allāh!
    COVID Mitigation Protocol Checklist
    Refer to email sent to all parents last week (Subject: IMPORTANT COVID-19 Mitigation Information from Al Fatih Academy - August 17, 2021)
    Daily Health Screening Form - completed before 8am (prior to 7am for Hifdh students)
    Covid Test Results - Bring a PRINTED copy of negative test results on the first day of school
    Safety Pledge
    Masks - school approved masks must be worn at all times indoors, bring extra in a sealed bag
    AFA is a Nut-Free Facility
    This includes peanut butter, almond butter, Nutella and Nutella/hazelnut snacks, and almond milk. Please use caution when preparing meals to avoid cross-contamination and read labels carefully.
    If there are students in your child's classroom that have additional food allergies, the classroom teacher will share that information in upcoming classroom newsletters.
    Health Forms and Medications
    Students with incomplete medical paperwork or medication on file will not be able to begin classes until their medical paperwork and medications have been processed. Parents may bring the medication and paperwork to AFA as early as 8:30am but students will not be permitted to go to class until the file has been cleared.
    We understand that several uniform items are backordered or have been delayed in shipping from Lands End and French Toast due to supply chain challenges. Students are allowed to wear uniform items from other vendors (Target, Walmart, Old Navy) temporarily as long as the style and colors of the uniform items match the uniform items listed on the school website. This exception will be in place until September 2, 2021. Administration is in touch with Lands End and French Toast and will reevaluate as appropriate closer to the end of next week.
    Water Bottles
    Please provide your child with two filled labeled bottles of water every morning to help maintain a healthy classroom environment.  School water fountains are not available for use at this time. Administration is in the process of setting up water jugs for students to refill individual water bottles within each classroom. 
    The AFA Morning Hifdh Program begins Monday, August 23 for students already enrolled. There are no additional openings at this time. Families may pre-register to show interest in the program. To do so, please go to Family Portal > School > Web Forms > Al Fatih Academy > Scroll to bottom to select Hifdh - AY 21-22. Administration notify families if space becomes available.
    Pizza Mondays begin September 13!
    Complete the Google Form to register and make payment through FACTS.
    Important Dates - Link to School Calendar
    August 23 - First Day of School!
    August 23 - Safety Pledges and Disclaimers Due
    Students arrive to school with negative COVID test result printed
    August 27 - First Friday Dismissal - Reminder: All students PK-8th grade dismissed at 1:30. (Half Day PK dismissed at 12:30)
    September 3 - School Holiday
    September 7 - Labor Day, School Holiday
    Wa ʿAlaykum as-Salām,
    Al Faith Academy Administration and Faculty

    Originial email sent to all parents on 8/22/21