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  • Have a Safe and Enjoyable Winter Break!
    AFA Holiday No Homework Policy

    AFA Teachers will not assign homework over holiday breaks. There may be reading assigned, suggested review of materials already covered, ideas for enrichment activities for families to do together, but no new projects or new assignments will be due immediately after break.

    We very much value family-centered vacation time and encourage students to participate in enriching activities with their families while out of school. 
    Kids (and adults!) need to rest from the many demands of school life, and we hope that this continued practice allows you to enjoy more time together as a family.

    Guidance for parents whose children who may be traveling and taking additional days off from school:

    · As a school, we highly discourage families from taking extended breaks as classroom experiences, discussions, learning opportunities cannot be recreated for students when they return.
    · Students who have a planned extended absence will not be provided work to be completed on their own while they are away. A majority of the time, notes, graphic organizers, homework assignments, etc do not have any context when the classroom experiences are missing.
    · Teachers may provide the family with a list of standards and related skills, list of BrainPop videos, additional resources that will be covered during that student's absence.
    · It is the responsibility of parents and students to review information provided and stay updated through teacher newsletters and emails while they are absent.
    · Teachers may encourage traveling students to journal while they are away and connect what they experience on the trip to what they have been learning in class. 

  • AFA Codes!
    Kindergarten through 8th grade participated in an Hour of Code event during this Computer Science Education Week!

    Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries that allows students to dive deep into applying basic computer language to code for games, activities, and other creative projects...

    ... a great way to encourage everyone to learn the basics of coding and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. Students also build confidence with technology as a tool, practice problem-solving skills, and enhance their imagination and creativity!


    Last year AFA students in 4th-8th grade participated in our first ever Hour of Code event through support and collaboration with Google.  

    This year, we teamed up with representatives from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to share the experience with more students.

    Alhamdulillah, with our increased number of Chromebooks throughout the school as well as 9+ volunteers from AWS, we reached 240 students this school year!

    As part of the program the AWS team and AFA Administration collaborated to empower teachers to use the tools and programs so that the skills and excitement around the Hour of Code can continue to build.  

    We will be working with the AWS team after Hour of Code to help further develop our technology plan and technology curriculum to include specific technology objectives and skills by grade level, a resource for apps, websites, tools, and strategies, as well as sample lessons for teachers to include in the classroom experiences.

    Some websites you can use at home to continue the coding adventure are: 

    Grades KG, 1, 2 and 3 will do Star Wars:

    Grades 4 through 8 will do Code Combat:

    Try out ComputeIT:

    For advanced coders use Swift Playgrounds on iPad - please download this app on each iPad. Once downloaded, you will need to download the first game called "Learn to Code 1 - Fundamentals of Swift". Here is the link:

    A very special thank you to AFA parent Yasser Quraishi who spearheaded the effort and all the AWS volunteers who came to make this year's event a success! 

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