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  • Dismissal Updates
    As-Salāmu ʿAlaykum AFA Families!
    DISMISSAL TIME - Thank you to everyone following parking lot expectations and guidelines. AlhamduliAllah The dismissal routine has been consistent and efficient. Therefore, we will now begin enforcing the pick-up window and late pick-up fees.
    Starting Monday, September 11, dismissal time will end at 3:45 on Mondays through Thursdays and 1:45 on Fridays. Students not picked up by 3:45 (1:45 on Fridays) will be brought to the school lobby to be signed out.
    If you arrive after Dismissal ends, you will be asked to park in the front parking lot and come up to the main doors to sign out your child(ren). Parents/Guardians will be required to complete the Late Pick Up form by scanning the QR code posted on the front door. Children will be dismissed once the form is submitted and they are officially signed out.
    Late fees will be charged beginning Monday, September 11.
    If a student is picked up after 3:45 (Mondays – Thursdays), or after 1:45 (Fridays) the parents will be charged a late fee. All fees are paid directly to the Business Office through FACTS.
    Half-day Pre-Kindergarten students are to be picked up from school at 12:30 pm.  If a parent / guardian is delayed in picking up a student after 12:45 pm, that family will be charged the AFA Late Pick-Up Fee.
    Fees are accrued at a rate of $5.00 for the first 1 to 5 minute period, then $1.00 for each additional minute delay. (Fees begin at 12:45 pm for PreK half-day families, at 3:45pm, and 1:45pm Fridays for full-day students)
    These pickup times apply to all Safety Patrol Officers as well. Please plan on picking up your Patrol at 3:45 (1:45 on Fridays). We thank them for their service. Dismissal has been so much more efficient since they started!
    If you find you need further clarification about these expectations please reach out to the leadership team.  We are happy to discuss and clarify the expectations.
    Wa ʿAlaykum as-Salām,
    Al Fatih Academy Administration


    Updated on 8/31/23


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Al Fatih's mission is to cultivate and nurture a thriving American Muslim identity that balances religious, academic and cultural knowledge and imparts the importance of civic involvement and charitable work. Through an interdisciplinary and integrated programming approach, we strive to create an educational environment that unites students, teachers, family, and community to provide an exceptional learning experience. 


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